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EuroMusica TV present: Muireann June Cash - Why


EuroMusica TV present: Muireann June Cash - Why

Why Taken from the EP "Muireann" Release dates: april 2016
included in a music compilation “Olympia 2016”

Directed by: Denis J Axl
Editing and Color Correction: Denis J Axl & Mirko
Camera Operator: Jan Assel
Director of Photography: RRR Remi Real Rock
Assistant director: Mirko
Concept: Denis J Axl & Defox
Make up artist: Mode No Limits 

Press Office: DvlGator Bureau
Music company: De Fox Records
Video Chanel Excellent Video (youtube)


Special thanks to:
Excellent Video crew, DeFox Records, Artisti No Limits, Best Magazine, Best Star Magazine, Eventi di A.N.L., Mode No Limits, Euromusica TV, BestMagazine TV

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