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EuroMusicaTV Exclusive: Without An Illusion of gothic metallers SHIVAN


Heart Of Steel Records announce new Shivan Video 

Check out brand new SHIVAN video for 'Without An Illusion', taken from the full-lenght 'Necessary Illusions' - out now! on 
iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Special thanks to Marco Berton, Elisabetta Lisbeth and Simo Dark.

Video production by: Marco Berton

Massimo “Beba” Buonerba – vocals 
Giovanni Landolina – guitar, keyboards
Elia Dalla Pola – bass
Francesco Soccal – drums
Fausto Cancian - guitar

Band site : http://www.shivan-ve.com
FB Band contact : https://www.facebook.com/shivanmetal
Label contact : http://heartofsteel.nlz.it
Press Office : http://www.dvlgator.eu

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